Camino Day 31 – The Last Day

Camino Day 31 – Amenal – Santiago

November 5, 2013


Once again we walked in the rain again today and it didn’t really seem to bother anyone.  It was a fitting way to end the journey given the weather we have endured the past few days.  Everyone on the trail seemed very excited and relieved to be getting close to the end.  As we approached Santiago it was a little anti-climactic as we had to walk through the city for a while to get to the cathedral but once we reached it everyone one was happy.

We congratulated each other and various other pilgrims and took numerous pictures to celebrate.  The cathedral is stunning.  We went and got our compestelas and went to check into the hotel.  We will attend the pilgrim’s mass tomorrow at noon as we didn’t make it in time.  I’m proud of my mom for completing the journey.  Two years ago there is no way she could have done this and to see how happy she was at the end is a memory I will have for the rest of my life.


Today I walked 16.5 km (10.3 miles).  I’ve walked a total of 694.9 km (434.3 miles).












Camino Day 30

Camino Day 30 – Ribadiso – Amenal

November 4, 2013


It started raining last night and continued on through most of the day.  There is a sense of excitement in the air as most pilgrims are going to be done tomorrow.  We met up with Ward and the girls and then set out.  We went a little bit further than the guidebook said to in hopes of making tomorrow a shorter day.

Most of the walk was through the forest today so that was nice.  I had some really good grilled octopus at dinner tonight.  That was the first time I’ve tried it this trip.  Santiago awaits us tomorrow.


Today I walked 25.7 km (16.1 miles).  I’ve walked a total of 678.4 km (424.0 miles).


Camino Day 29

Camino Day 29 – Palas de Rei – Ribadiso

November 3, 2013


Today we had beautiful weather.  So beautiful that I decided to take a wrong turn and go the wrong way for 1.5 kms.  I was off ahead of everyone and somehow missed a turn.  I realized when I came upon a group of dogs that continually barked at me.  Dogs are typically used to seeing pilgrims when on the path and as they barked their owner came out to investigate.  He waved his finger back and forth and pointed me back in the direction I came.  A 3km mistake but I wasn’t the only one to make it.  A biker did the same thing shortly after me.

I was way behind everyone and when I got to town there was only 1 room and my mom had already booked it.  The girls came behind and chose to walk ahead a few kms to the next town.  I think they made the right decision as the room is cold and doesn’t have wifi.


Today I walked 25.8 km (16.1 miles).  I’ve walked a total of 652.7 km (407.9 miles).


Month 1 Summary

Month 1

October 2013


Technically I started traveling on September 29th but I’m just going to roll that into October.  It’s been an interesting month to say the least.  I’ve spent some time in Paris, which is a city I will definitely head back to at some point.  I’ve walked 575 kilometers through Spain and met some interesting people.



Countries Visited: 2

Countries: France, Spain


Distance Traveled: 8,935 km (5,584 miles)

Plane: 7,453 km (4,658 miles)

Train: 817 km (510 miles)

Bus: 89 km (56 miles)

Walking: 576 km (360 miles)


Total US $ Spent:  $3,776


Total Transportation: $769

International Transportation: $577

Domestic Transportation (Trains, Buses within a country): $142

City Transportation (Taxis etc.): $49


Total Accommodation: $1,389

# of beds slept in: 26

Hotel Rewards: 1 night at a Hilton property (Versailles)


Total Food and Alcohol: $899

Groceries: $42

Eating Out: $857

Alcohol : $0*


*Since I am on the Camino, “Eating Out” includes alcohol as most meals include wine.


Luxury Items: $321

These are costs you probably wouldn’t need but I chose to do anyway.


Extra legroom on my flight to Paris: $105

Massage: $27

Shipping my stuff on the Camino: $189*


*I would have been better mailing this but I used a transportation service, which was a mistake.  It cost me 50 euros to ship a bag and Ann shipped a bag to the same place for 12 euros.  Unfortunately I didn’t know the post office would hold the bag for you in Santiago.


Miscellaneous: $398


Travel Items: $24

Laundry: $33

Bank fees: $9

Internet/Phone: $50

Annual Fixed Costs: $282*


*Monthly share Health Insurance, VPN service, NHL Center Ice Package, Credit Card annual fees, Skype, Accountant etc.


Items lost or acquired:


1 shirt – Fell off my bag while it was drying on the Camino

1 pair of socks – Unknown circumstances



1 Canon S100 camera: Fell victim to a rain storm after an expensive Arcteryx rain failed to live up to its waterproof standard.





Weight Lost:



It will probably be significant if I can ever find a scale.  The jeans I bought right before I left that were tight can’t stay on without a belt.








Camino Day 28

Camino Day 28 – Portomarin – Palas de Rei

November 2, 2013


Rain, rain and more rain.

We slept in an extra hour this morning and awoke to the worst rain we have seen.  Nothing was open for breakfast and we observed a number of pilgrims mulling around not wanting to leave to walk in the downpour.  We left at 10:45 and sucked it up as it rained all day.  There were a few brief pauses but other than that it was relentless.

Now that there is less than 100k to Santiago there are significantly more people on the trail.  You can get a Compostela if you walk at least 100k and there were numerous new people on the trail today not really carrying any luggage.  We are all looking forward to being done and taking a rest day accompanied by a celebratory massage or two.


Today I walked 24.8 km (15.5 miles).  I’ve walked a total of 626.9  km (391.8 miles).













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