Madrid – Alcohol, Food and Dance


November 2013


Sorry for the lack of posts but to be honest I just haven’t felt up for it.  I’m currently sitting in an expensive hotel in Geneva eating what will go down as the most expensive McDonalds meal of my life.  Basically a chicken nugget meal and a couple of hamburgers for $26 (not even the supersized version).  I’ve wasted my day in bed recovering from a bad head cold and horrible cough.  It still sucks and I’m sure it will take another few days to shake.  I didn’t go explore Geneva at all and am debating whether I stay here or head to Zurich for 4 nights.

I guess the positive is I had time to write a post on Madrid.  I really enjoyed Madrid and with the exception of the trash that was everywhere.  I spent 5 nights there with Tiara and 3 of her friends and had a blast.  I was able to take in a Musuem, eat Paella, catch a Flamenco show and drink large quantities of alcohol until 4 in the morning.  The latter is probably the reason I am trying not to cough all over my computer as I write this.

On the 10th Tiara and I checked out the Museo del Prado, which is the largest art museum in Spain and has something like 20,000 items in it.  We didn’t attempt to see all of it but a few images stuck out as being more than a little weird.  The Virgin Mary squeezing milk from her breast into the mouth of ta priest from across the room comes to mind as does a pair of paintings of an obese 6 year old.  Apparently if you were fat enough back in the 1500’s a painter was commissioned to paint a portrait both in clothes and nude.  Overall the museum was very interesting and I personally enjoyed the sculptures the most.  The cost was 14 euros and it was worth it.

We then proceeded to start drinking at the hotel bar while we waited for her friends, Alicia, Indira and Tanya.  We met a couple random people there and were told to keep it down so we must have been having a good time. They pour a very stiff drink in Spain.  We then wandered the streets until the wee hours of the morning.


We quickly transitioned to Spanish time, which had us eating Paella at 3pm and then doing dinner closer to 10pm the next day.  The Paella was good but apparently the place the girls ate at in Barcelona was much better.  We walked around the plazas and eventually created our own little bar crawl.



The third night we took in a Flamenco show.  As bad as it is to say, the video below sums up my knowledge of the Flamenco prior to seeing the show.

After seeing the show it will go down as probably the best thing I saw in Madrid.  It was definitely worth the 50 euro admission and we all agreed it was excellent.




The last night we laid low and saw Gravity at the theatre then had some drinks and met a pair of Swiss nurses who were couchsurfing with an Italian in Madrid.  There were lots of questions about couchsurfing and travel.  It turns out Wednesdays nights are dead in Madrid so the night was over relatively early (2am).




It is hard to believe I will be back in Baltimore, albeit temporarily, in just a few days.  I have been thinking a lot about my return the past few days.  I am definitely a slightly different person than I was in August and my life is much different now.  Things don’t always work out how you would like to but I think travel teaches you to roll with the punches.  My time in Spain, both the Camino and Madrid, allowed me a lot of time to think and I was able to meet some interesting and supportive people along the way.  I’m currently in a country I had no plans to visit just a week or so ago.   I don’t know what life has in store for me in the upcoming few months but I’m sure it will work itself out.

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